Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The competency of the world

So....I know it's been many months since I received my new title but they only do the hooding ceremony once a year. So this Saturday I will get hooded. My advisor bought me my hood in August as my graduation present, and It was a present I so very much loved. It seems silly I know, but that hood means a lot of things to me, a lot of my life, a lot of growing...just a lot of things. So I hung it in the closet so I would be able to use it, all nice and safe for every ceremony I might need to attend in the future. Several months ago it was time to get the tickets and the rest of the outfit. Well, the "souvenir" robes just looked so cheap next to my beautiful velvet lined hood. I decided I would spend the money on a nice robe. That way, I would have it, and not have to rent it should I need to attend future ceremonies, should I somehow manage to obtain a real job and actually successfully graduate some students of my own. (I recognize that there are many optimistic/non-concrete words in that statement, but hey, I'm an optimist.) Plus when my dear hubby finishes his degree, he can use the robe, tam and yes even the hood for his ceremony since we're about the same height (please refrain from midget children jokes!).

So, long story short, we went and ordered the gown. Discovered that they had sent my advisor the wrong colored hood (for no apparent reason since the order form was correct). Gave the old hood back and accepted a receipt for the order of a new one. This was 7 weeks ago to the day. The new hood arrived last week. As graduation is three days away I was worried about the gown, finally broke down and called and was assured that it shipped over the weekend, and finally it was on my doorstep when I came home today. One of the main selling features is that the gowns are monogrammed. I will leave you with this:

I'm thinking my parents really meant to name me....Christmas after my mother's birthday instead of my fathers. Make the Lish looking thing a J for Jones and that would make me a really hot scientist

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