Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well. Life is life. To update anyone who was concerned about my eyeball situation, I managed to get in touch with the eye doctor who said that the solution Ciba was recommending "should" be fine. So I braved it. It only required trips to 2 different drug stores to purchase it, so far it's been ok, so we'll see how it works out in the long run.

I am feeling the need to blog today although I have nothing really important to say, but this has been such a technologically backwards week that I feel the need to be using a technology that was invented within the last ten years! In the past two days I have used both a typewriter and a fax machine. Yes an actual typewriter, the likes of which I haven't seen since high school typing class. For a visual on that picture an abnormally large man with an abnormally high pitched voice saying very slowly "aaawaaawaaawaaaqaaazaaa" in a classroom full of socially awkward fifteen year olds typing in rhythm to that letter by letter chanting. AND, a fax machine to send the typed document of course! Since it was typed on a typewriter there is not convenient way to get it anywhere other than a fax machine that makes those yucky screechy noises awfully reminiscent of dial up modems! All of this to apply for money to go to a conference at "a complete state of the art conference facility with overnight guest rooms, and meal services. The Center occupies a tranquil 83-acre setting that blends rolling fields, woodlands, and pathways lined with colorful gardens and shrubs. The site of a former monastery....I hope that typewriters and fax machines are not state of the art for old monasteries, I mean even the Vatican is online! Well maybe I'll visit the national postal museum while I'm there, it is after all the only hotel with a permanent Smithsonian exhibit on the premises! I think that the lack of email is a way to drum up more business for the postal service, since after all, if I was on the ball I would have been mailing my application rather then faxing it just before the deadline!

Oh well, back to the dissertation!

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