Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Riled Up!

Well, I was thinking about starting up my WIP Wednesday again, but I am so riled about something else today that it will have to wait until next week!

So I have very sensitive eyes and went through a thing a few years back to find a contact solution that was just right for me. It's kind of expensive, but I really like it, so two weeks ago when I was at the eye doctor's we agreed I would stick with it. A new brand came out with something similar, I gave the trial a try and it made my eyes burn like heck so, back to the good old Pure Eyes.

Why is she babbling about this you may ask?

Last night, I ran out of my solution. So I tossed my month old contacts and wore my glasses today planning a quick stop to CVS after school today. But, CVS was all out of my Pure Eyes, or had stopped carrying it, I was unsure. Then to Walgreens. All out, empty shelves where the Pure Eyes belongs. Then on to RiteAid. No luck. Now I was a bit annoyed an a little vocal to Mark about what was going on. The kind manager overheard and told me that they had just pulled many of the Ciba products because they were being discontinued. So I was a bit miffed.

So to the internet, nothing at,, and a variety of other kind of sketchy online pharmacy sites. All just poofed the product or discontinued it. Amazon does have it here. But I'm a bit worried that that is a lie. I've Googled and Froogled and tried every variation I can think of. No go.

So I called CibaVision. They have a lovely message stating that they are undergoing a manufacturing upgrade so all of their products will be out of stock. Please consult your eye care professional to see if clear care one step will suit your needs. We hope to have our products returned to shelves sometime in the first HALF of 2006.

Now I'm riled.
a) I can't use a one step. I'm allergic.
b) I was just at my eye doctor, there isn't really another option for me other then the nasty burny one.
c) wtf! a product just poof's for 6 months with no warning, no notice to doctors, no further explanation, no alternative. I mean I understand killing a lipstick color, or a jean cut, but you can still paint your lips or wear jeans, maybe just not as aesthetically pleasing. But come on! Eye care!!! What if I didn't have glasses! I'd be blind and causing car accidents or something. I'm pissed.

Now I have to call my eye doctor, to see if he can recommend something else, or go get fitted for daily disposables, which since I was just there 2 weeks ago, my insurance won't cover another visit. Plus I just bought a year's worth of contacts $140, which are useless to me because I have no solution to use them with! Can I sue for damages. Financial and emotional I'm thinking.

So here is my second public service announcement for the week. Boycott Ciba!

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