Wednesday, June 22, 2005

WIP Wednesday

I can't believe that's it Wednesday again already...and that I missed last Wednesday. I have been a remiss blogger. Things are busy I guess. So here's the list. Updates are in italics.

1) crocheted shrug: 1 sleeve done plus one cuff and about an inch of the second sleeve
2) homespun knit hooded sweater:quarter of a sleeve and a hood to go
3) knitted sweater for hubby: back complete
4) knitted socks for hubby: one sock done, one to go
Completed since last posting!!!
-- baby quilt for someone who might read this blog:done! Picture below
--pair of socks (crocheted orchid): done click for pic
--two dishcloths

damn. now that's progress. Two projects done!, and only one new one added to the list! I'm on a roll!

The buggy baby quilt in all it's glory Posted by Hello

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