Wednesday, June 01, 2005

WIP Wednesday

In honor of Wednesday craft night I have joined WIP (work in progress Wednesday). Crochetville members post all their projects every Wednesday. So here it goes (I'm doing all of my crafts so I'm not crochet prejudice)

1) crocheted shrug: 1 sleeve done
2) turquoise crocheted socks: 1 sock complete, 1 cuff complete
3) homespun knit hooded sweater: half a sleeve and a hood to go
4) baby quilt for someone who might read this blog: only the hand stich on the binding: 1.5 sides left (I HATE hand stiching)
5) knitted sweater for hubby: back complete
6) various other projects that have not yet really reached a state of "in progress yet" !

oh vey! I'm in trouble!

1 comment:

April's Mom said...

Hmmm...sounds like a few too many simultaneous projects? And I don't think the receiver of the quilt reads the blog.