Saturday, April 02, 2005

Well Here is a little update about that last week or so. We got some really great data on Thursday even though it was really cold. Last night I taught Wenli how to knit and you can see her impressive handiwork here. She was really good and really quick at it. Today we went to a small Native American Pow-wow at the campus and now I'm trying to motivate myself to finish this stupid paper. That's about it. :) Posted by Hello


April's Mom said...

Wow, either you are a great teacher or she is a great learner. That's pretty impressive for first time knitting. Glad you are having good data weather. Our weather is currently miserable!

krista said...

*gasp*! you're craft-cheating on me with wenli! (kidding, kidding :) ). that hat looks great...we definately need to do "yarn arts" next!