Friday, April 08, 2005

Random Rants

I have two random rants for today.

1) (I suppose this really is more a piece of advice than a rant). Should you be driving anywhere, and come across caution tape quite purposely blocking the road, there is most likely a good reason why someone went through the trouble to put it there. Please remember this before you proceed to drive through it. If you should arrive at a second such road block, it should be obvious to you that some really did mean to put it there and please, as the tape says, proceed with caution or find another route. I think that this advice should be heeded even more so when you are on a "research facility" with many signs clearly marking the area as such. "Research" is really another way of saying "we don't know what the heck we are doing yet". In this case, dangerous chemicals, radioactive materials and yes, harmful lasers may be present. Be forewarned Elephant Butte Irrigation District brush burning dude: next time you have to pee, I might shoot you with my laser when you drive recklessly through my field!!!!!

2) Does anyone else out there find any need for a journals "guide for authors" to be 79 pages long?????? I just want to know how to format the paper, where to send it, and what font I should use. Five pages tops. I don't need flowcharts. (yes plural). It seems the information I need appears between pages 22 and 53! On about page 26 I fell asleep so it looks like this paper is going to have to wait yet a few more days to go out the door. I do have a favorite quote from this brilliant document, which all you academic types out there might find amusing. "If a manuscript is rejected, or major revisions are requested, it is not productive for the author to get angry or enter into acrimonious correspondence with the editor" Reading this document is causing me to have an acrimonious conversation with my computer! Lord help the editor should I be rejected :)

So I have chewed enough of your time for now. It was a very long field day and I had a million other things I meant to post but they will have to wait for another day. Time for sleep

PS. The blogger spell check is not working so ignore typos please.


April's Mom said...

Hmmm...sounds like a bad day. It's been a bad week around here too. Something awry in the universe no doubt. If April's friends are reading this that's awry, pronounced "a rye" rather than "aw ree". :-)

krista said...

Hahaha! April's mom rocks! :)

"Aw-ree". *snicker*