Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Warning: image intensive post. (read: mom you can't see this on your dialup)

So, it's been a month and a half. Those of you who know me know that that's not a long time for me to drop off the face of the earth. What have I been doing you might ask. Knitting. ALOT. Now is the time in the post were there should be pictures, but words will have to suffice. I finished Mark's sweater, it was the Cambridge Jacket from Interweave last year sometime. He loves it and wears it often. The pictures are all blurry though. I made a sweater for myself, with yarn that was intended to be a Rogue but I couldn't get the gauge right so it became a sweater from the fall 2000 issue of Vogue Knitting, which was a stocking stuffer from my mom in yes you guessed it. 2000. I'm a bit of a pack rat. I'm also in love with my sweater, but I think all the pictures we took make me look fat so you can only see it on the blocking board:
After the two sweaters I launched into a bit of knitting ADD and indecision. I now have on the needles: three pairs of socks (none of which are for me), a Clapotis, and endpaper mitts which I will show you a picture of because my first attempt at fair-isle is going quite well if I do say so myself:
I think the calming properties of knitting are helping me handle the lack of control existing elsewhere in my life. I did have one job interview, it went well, but I still wait for an answer.

My biggest accomplishment this year, however, has not been on the knitting front. I pulled my very own "while you were out" on Mark yesterday. In 12 short hours, I turned our pantry from this:
Ugly white super-warped being held up by pennies, yet charming space to this:

Nice warm yellow, with lovely level wood shelves, hooks for every pot, and an brand new retro light fixture.

I can't take all the credit, I had an accomplice to help me decide on sturdy wood, run the table saw (but I did the router!), and help stain an polyurethane the shelves, all in three nights without Mark's knowledge (I'm super sneaky). I have lots of pictures of the whole process including the destruction it set on the rest of the house, but I got it done and all put back together before Mark got home last night. He was impressed. And I'm pooped.

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