Sunday, January 28, 2007

The definition of irony

My parents lovingly have purchased me very nice frames for all of my diploma's. You know, the ones with the mats tha have the university seals and all that jazz. Earlier this week, I went to their house to pick up the final (yippee final) frame in my series.

Yesterday we were having company for dinner and I decided that the box with the frame was not nearly as pretty as the frame, so I got out the diploma, framed it, cursed because is was crooked in the mat, reframed it, and hung it up. I decided while I was at I would dust the other two. So I took them down, dusted them and put them back on the shelf. Being very careful of course. I mean on some level, these peices of paper represent the last decade of my life. That's right a decade. Well, somehow, one fell. Very dramictally. 6 feet. Behind a bookshelf. So we moved the bookshelf to retreive it. It's not pretty. Broken glass, bent frame, ugh. The diploma and mat are fine. So the frame actually did it's job, but it has seen better days.

Oh well, those two years in Pennsylvania are just a distant memory anyways...


Allena said...

hmm i think i would've just left it behind there, LOL not really but i would've thought about it! LOL congrats on all the picture frames and the diplomas in them.

April's Mom said...

So I guess this means you need a new frame???