Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ahhh...texas part 2.

First let me start off by saying:
64 degree average my butt! Those are icicles people. ICICLES! The whole city has gone into a seige. Yesterday, all of the restaurants near the hotel closed at 4pm yes, that's right 4pm. Most of the interstates...yes the INTERSTATES, where shut down for more than 24 hours. They are just starting to reopen, but there are still concerns that they might become dangerous overnight. When it did start to warm up for a little bit, the icicles and ice sheets started to fly off roofs and hit people and things. As far as I can tell, the local NBC station has been broadcasting nothing but weather and weather related news for 48hrs straight. We did get a couple of hours of primetime tv last night, but that was it. As of noon only 6 flights had taken off and I'm thinking there is little hope of me getting home in a timely manner.

Now you might be thinking, oh my poor April, what terrible weather. Well, don't. It's really not that bad, It's cold, but I'm fine with a scarf, no gloves and a winterish coat. The kind of coat we typically start to wear in November when it starts to get "cold" but it's really mild and we're not used to winter yet (remember that's the weather I thought I was coming to). I have not had any perilous slips or falls as would be typical of an ice storm back home. Not even a little oops I should be careful. I walked around in heels today for God's sake, me clutz of the century in heels in an ice storm? Other then the icicles mentioned above, I've seen very little evidence of this "Arctic Blast" that has caused this city to come to a screeching halt.

I've come to one of two conclusions. 1. I live in a invisible bubble were I experience my own, cold wet not ice version of San Antonio, 2. Texans are crazy and think that a slick road qualifies as a state of disaster.

Since I've never experienced this bubble effect before I'm leaning towards number 2, and I'm really thinking I would love to see these people if a real storm hit.


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