Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Well since I've been getting crap for not posting here is a random update from my trip to Portland.

By 8:29 am Monday, I had paid $16.00 for a train pass that I didn't need because the train ride is free...and had begged a stranger for a band aid to cover the blister from my new shoes: very cute and comfy flats bought expressly for avoiding the blisters that my normal conference heels give me!

By 6:00pm Tuesday: 2 buttons had randomly just fell off my jacket. and I mean literally just fell off. The strap of my bag broke while I was in the MIDDLE of crossing the street and it was only by the use of my catlike reflexes that I avoiding the contents from spilling all over, A bizarre stain appeared on my skirt, It was not there when I sat down and and a very ladylike manner placed a napkin on my lap, when I finished dinner and picked up napkin, the stain , resembling something I had no recollection of eating, was revealed underneath. The napkin itself was spotless.

Yes, I am the calamity Jane of the ASABE.

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