Monday, December 19, 2005

Bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger. A whole month with nothing to post. Krista gave me the evil eye about it this morning so I decided to post.

Good News: I had a paper accepted to the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. Well, technically it's a note, but it's the first in print thing out there under my name as the primary author, so I'm very very excited about it.

Other than that tidbit, nothing new. Dissertation is a whopping 20 pages so far. (there is a scarcastic tone to that statement since at 20 pages I've barely scratched the surface) I'm diligently writing and trying to publish a variety of data. The lidar is in semi-retirement until I finish my degree and I'm going to present at 3 conferences next summer so I'm keeping busy on the school front.

Outside of school I've mainly been crafting away to finish all of my Christmas presents by the rapidly approaching deadline. Two are already out, one is wrapped, one is blocking, one needs to be seamed, one needs an edging, one is halfway done and one isn't started, so I'm heading off to progress further on that now.

random link: Send an email to your future self. Kind of like that school project when you were a kid, write a letter when you're 10, the school mails it when your 18. Personally I found my crush on a very dorky boy to be excessively amusing 8 years think of it as giving yourself a surprise laugh later on!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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krista said...

evil eye? i do not know of what you speak...