Thursday, November 03, 2005

I am so mad at Microsoft

Ok. So, I've been a very good girl since I've been here. No TV, no internet, working like mad on my little laptop. This morning was just like any other. I got up. Took a shower. Got dressed. Chatted with Dr. M about my progress. Cooked some eggs. Dropped them all over the floor. (this should have been my first sign of things amiss). Ate what I didn't drop. Sat down to do some work. After a few hours of running programs and plotting data in excel, I was in the mood to do some writing. I'm working on a paper and a couple of abstracts that pull information from a variety of places. A lot of cutting and pasting. I'm working away. Make some changes, blah blah. Then I minimize my word document to copy something from another one. I click on it to maximize it again and POOF. Just like that word is closed. I think, I must of done something wrong. I open up, start again, and again, I try to access a document I have minimized and POOF. All my word documents closed. Word knows that it did something wrong because when I reopen it the autorecover information is there, but there is no indication of how or why. It's totally repeatable. I've now spent close to three hours, virus checking, adaware checking, windows updating, office updating, office repairing and anything else I can think of. I'm developing a severe hatred for Microsoft's blue progress bars and still. Minimize, maximize, POOF.


Anybody out there know how to fix this?

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