Monday, September 12, 2005

A real post. I promise

So this is what's new. We have decided that we are inefficient at well, life in general. So to solve all of our problems, we need a dishwasher. I decided this at 8am, and as many of you know, I shouldn't really be allowed to think before at least 9. But, the thought stuck, so to the internet I went. Our kitchen is too small for a real dishwasher without doing a major remod, which we don't have time or money for right now, so we need a portable one. Can someone please explain to me why when you cut the size of a dishwasher by a quarter the price doubles. Best buy has one model that would be available to us. Apparently we are not in their special delivery zone so we can't order one. The store is three miles from my house, I don't understand this situation, three miles is too far to deliver a dishwasher that would fit in the back seat of my corolla??? So we went to look at this one model that they have in the store. Web price 139.99. There are two of them in the store, one without the connector kit or instructions for 99.99 and one in an "open box" for 219.99. WTF (sorry mom), but ?!?!? So off we went on the hunt. Bernie's sleazy sales guy, Sears $500 for a "portable" dishwasher that I couldn't even roll, we thought about lowes, but after the leaking washing machine incident two years ago I couldn't bear the we came home, sadly without a dishwasher :(. Back to the internet!

SO, I think we this one from the evil Walmart. It's cute right? Maybe I don't need a dishwasher after all.

In the meantime Mark is building a new microwave cart and pantry shelf for my an attempt to make our kitchen more efficient. Right now I can't walk in there so I think we failed on that front too.

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krista said...

sure, the walmart dishwasher is cute, but not as cute as marky with his sleeves rolled up and a towel over his shoulder ;).