Wednesday, August 03, 2005

WIP Wednesday and Ramblings

Well...back in the swing with craft night. I missed my girl time and I'm happy to have it back.
Here's the list:
1) crocheted shrug: 2 full sleeves
2) knitted sweater for hubby: back complete
3) knitted socks for hubby: one sock done, Cuff, top, heel and most of bottom done for second sock
4) Christmas gift #1 : 22% complete
5) Crocheted socks for me: 1 inch of one sock complete

And the yarn is piling up for a variety of baby blankets and Christmas gifts I have in mind....

So, it has occurred to me that since my return from NM, this blog has become boring. I initially had some concerns that it was because my life had gotten boring...but I realized, I just spend less time on the internet and therefore less time blogging. So, here is a little update of my life in the past couple of weeks.

I took a car trip to Ohio to see where they make longaberger baskets. Even got to weave my own. While to some of you this may seem to be an excessively long drive to do something quite boring. I grew up in a longaberger house, so seeing it live was quite neat for me. Plus, you can't trade anything in the world for quality family time!
immediately on return from Ohio, I hopped on a plane to Tampa to present at the ASAE annual meeting, I think my talk went ok so that was a success.
Meeting over, hop in a rental car and zip across Florida to Daytona Beach to visit one of my oldest friends...lot's of fun, plus, beach! nuff said.
Zip back to Tampa, Fly back home. Bam, like running into a rock I got that summer cold I complained about.
Flash forward a few days and just a touch of stuffiness left over, and a great visit with a couple of other old friends, one craft night later and here I am. All and all not a bad few weeks (minus the cold of course) . I hope the next few are a little more boring, or else I won't have any time for blogging!

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